Hello. I'm 19 and have been struggling for 6 years.

Sometimes I feel I'm not a human because a human cannot suffer like this. Let me explain my difficulties.

Firstly, my first and foremost depressions are about my looks. To everyone, my parents are beautiful. I am supposed to be beautiful like them.

I was somehow cute until I was 11 but then became ugly. When I was 15, everyone insulted me because of my looks. They said, “why are you so ugly? It seems you are not their son. This insult has made my life horrible.

Secondly, I fell love with a girl and I wanted to marry her. But she cheated on me. I want to forget her but I still cannot.

Thirdly, I'm a stammer. I'm made fun of and insulted for this.

Fourthly, I was a very good student when I was in primary school. But when I admitted to high school, I couldn't get good grades.

Fifth, I'm very fooled and I'm insulted every day by my friends. I'm getting isolated from everything.

Why has Allah made my life so difficult? I don't know how I can live like this.

I want to die or fix these problems. I know committing suicide is haram and for this, I cannot do this.

But also I cannot live like this. Why is Allah doing this with me?

TAKEN FROM: https://aboutislam.net/counseling/youth-q-a/mental-health-youth-q-a/everyone-says-im-ugly-i-wish-to-die/

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Bruh u got me there

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