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[–] tanuki 2 points

I like Hanabie, very good band. This is my favorite song of theirs, probably because it's what introduced me to them.

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[–] NecroSocial 2 points *

Definitely the one I would have linked to if I hadn't decided to go with a video that showed the band in it (only a few to chose from with that criteria, the finalists were the one I picked and Otaku). Their drummer kills it on Sentimental Heroine tho, you have good taste Tanuki.

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[–] NecroSocial 1 point *

Also a heavier song of theirs: Hanabie - We Love Sweets


Fun sidenote: It seems like they might be mocking Babymetal with this song. Babymetal's breakout track was Gimme Chocolate and Hanabie sings the one of the lines from that song as the intro to this one (on top of "We Love Sweets" obviously being a similar title to "Gimme Chocolate"). If I had to guess why Hanabie is taking the piss out of Babymetal it's probably because Hanabie is a real metal band who's members play their own instruments and write their own songs while Babymetal was manufactured and those girls are just Idol singers who don't play their backing music. I mean I could be wrong and maybe the bands are buddies or whatever and it's just playful ribbing (I mean Hanabie did like a comment on the video pointing out the similar titles) I dunno, it could be shots fired, could be having a laugh. Anyway thought that was some interesting possible something going on there.

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