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[–] Anonymous d925d580 2 points *

Ah the perils of being a wokie. Gaiman pledged allegiance to people who race and gender swapped his already progressive content in order to get that sweet streaming cash but he forgot about the #metoo brigade that comes with it. You better have gotten written consent from every jilted ex-girlfriend every time you touched them or your woke besties will have no qualms trying to burn your career to the ground the first time an ex says you gave her a surprise finger bang. It'll be interesting to see if Netflix cans Gaiman over this or brushes it under the rug because his content serves their DEI mandate.

Edit: Haha Redditors already have the pitchforks out:

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[–] Anonymous be2b7e32 1 point

No idea who this is but cool name. "Nail gay men". It would ruin the lolz if it were to be pronounced as "guyman".

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