Elliot again was in a sea of ​​​​emotions. After doing all the paperwork, the manager gave him the car keys and he left the dealership. Elliot was filled with happiness and arrogance. He started to drive through the streets of Los Angeles and began to attract everyone's attention. He decided that he also needed new clothes, because it wouldn't do to just have an apartment or a car, it was necessary to dress well. He then went to the big men's clothing stores like Calvin Klein, GUCCI and Netshoes to buy the best clothes. Upon arrival, needless to say, he made an excellent impression on the salespeople who rushed over to serve him. He spent more than 20,000 on these purchases and left well dressed. He bought several sweaters, shirts, shorts, accessories and pants, as well as at least 20 pairs of shoes and sneakers. Dressed in jeans and a dark red sweater, he went back to wandering around Los Angeles until he decided it was time to return to Isla Vista and subject everyone to his luxury and pleasure.

hi friends! read Elliot and Andrew, the first novel/horror book to feature Elliot Rodger and Andrew Blaze as the main characters. Available on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BYNZJRMB

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[–] Anonymous 039cacae 1 point

AI generated?

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[–] ElliotOR 2 points

the first chronologically. I use as characters, real killers and others.

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[–] ElliotOR 1 point

no bro. is a book.

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